this is what i need want: to find a theologically grounded parachurch/outreach organization that is under-connected on the internet, in need of an in-house counselor for teens and families, and that has connections to faith based magazines or blogs or something. 


because i would LOVE to run a tumblr (or just about any website) for an organization that i am passionate about, i would love to work as a counselor because i think that is a ministry opportunity that i am built for, and i would love to contribute pieces of writing about topics that i care deeply about. 

if anyone knows of a place that would hire me for any or all of those things, get at me. haha

job interview and other existential crises

i had a job interview today. i’m not entirely convinced one way or another whether this was a great thing or not. the idea of a paycheck is awesome for sure, don’t get me wrong. i have drilled into my mind that building a savings for when those student loan bills start rolling in is the wisest of all things i could do… financially i know this is true. but! i’ve been second guessing a lot of things lately.

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